Lab Members

Principle Investigator

Dr. David lynn, phd

Graduate Researchers

Youngsun kim

“I am a rising fifth year studying properties and catalytic activities of metal-peptide self-assembling systems that exploit the arrangement of metals for redox chemistry. In addition, I am also probing the structural properties of peptide assemblies with Cryo-EM. Outside of research, I enjoy photography and watching F1 races, dramas, and movies.”


“I am a rising fourth year chemistry PhD student and currently working on functional bio-inspired materials that can catalyze the polymerization and hydrolysis of biopolymers as well as elucidating how disease states can capture nested information to propagate an infection across the brain. Outside of the lab, I enjoy hiking, practicing contortion, rock climbing, and powerlifting.”

Ayanna Jones

“I am a third year PhD student and I am currently working on understanding the unique chemistry in the rhizosphere. I am currently measuring oxidation rates of plant derived quinones in space and time to better understand it’s impact on the rhizosphere and climate change as a whole. Outside of the lab, I enjoy reading, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.”

Alexis blake

“I am a rising second year who is currently working on building peptides with catalytic function and understanding the rules that guide the coassembly of infectious proteins with biologically-relevant molecules. Outside of the lab, I enjoy cooking, spending time with family, and rewatching 90’s cartoons.

Undergraduate Researchers


“I am a rising senior undergraduate who studies dynamic chemical networks and their ability to drive biopolymeric phase transitions. Specifically, I am working on designing monomers that can self-polymerize into a collagen-mimetic peptide. In my free time, I love to bake, play guitar, go to the movies, and give my friends and family unsolicited music recommendations.”


“I am interested in applying chemistry to medical issues such as exploring the roles of peptide assembly and interactions in disease formation. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, watching my favorite TV shows, and spending time with family.”


“I’m an undergraduate student in the Lynn lab working on exploring reaction-diffusion networks in the rhizosphere. Specifically, I explore the interactions between plant-based quinones and bacterial phenazines to see how signals might be sent through this complex ecosystem. Outside of lab, I am passionate about fencing, rock climbing, and classical music.”


“I’m an undergrad at Emory and in the Lynn Lab, I’m helping grad students studying the effects of modifications in a highly active region in a peptide responsible for Alzheimer’s. I’m looking at how point mutations affect higher order assembly, and how they may have potential catalytic reactions with copper or other low cost transition metals. In my free time, I love playing all kinds of video games on the PC and Nintendo Switch. I also love playing piano, badminton, and tennis!”